About Us

The Hayden Lake Watershed Improvement District began in January, 2015 its work of protecting and enhancing the quality of Hayden Lake and Its watershed.  The initial objective was to develop a small and efficient operational structure that allows the District to maximize the funds expended on projects that protect and enhance the lake.  All work is completed by independent contractors such that the District has no employees.  Lake management is a continuing District effort.  The lake management responsibility was taken over by the District from the Hayden Lake Watershed Association that was able to only marginally fund this function with contributions. The lake manager and his staff continue to monitor activities on and around the lake that have the potential to adversely effect the lake.  Additionally, spreading awareness to Hayden Lake’s residents and users to responsibly use and interact in Hayden Lake’s watershed is a high priority.The manager continues to be present in it’s watershed educating the users and watershed property owners on management practices that protect the lake. In addition, the manager and his staff have been instrumental in the enhanced effort to monitor the lake water quality.