About Us

The Hayden Lake Watershed Improvement District began in its work of protecting and enhancing the quality of Hayden Lake and its watershed in January 2015.

The initial objective was to develop a small and efficient operational structure that allows the District to maximize the funds expended on projects that protect and enhance the lake.  Independent contractors complete all work in the District such that the District has no employees.

Lake management is a continuing District effort.  The Hayden Lake Watershed Association transferred lake management responsibility to the District to ensure that the work could continue sustainably. The lake managment staff continue to monitor activities on and around the lake that have the potential to affect the lake adversely.  They also undertake the primary duties of water sample collecting and testing for the District’s two research projects. And, as always, spreading awareness to Hayden Lake’s residents and users regarding management practices that protect the lake and responsible coexistence in Hayden Lake’s watershed is a high priority.

Communication and public outreach are also a District priority. The Communication Manager maintains communication channels with watershed residents and visitors to the lake.  Well-informed stakeholders are essential to the ongoing protection of the watershed.

Participate in the District’s communication channels by joining the email distribution list and visiting our Facebook page.