Lake Conscience Ideas

To get your mind working on some ideas to help prevent your contribution of phosphorus and harmful chemicals to Hayden Lake here are some ideas:

1. Service your car and boat regularly.

Your car and boat use fuels, fluids, and chemicals that are harmful to Hayden Lake. Be careful when handling gas while refueling your car or your boat by preventing it from falling on the ground or in the water. Because of rain and other factors, what is on the ground in a watershed will eventually end up in the water.

2. Wash your car or boat outside of Hayden Lake’s watershed.

Soap, dirt, and whatever is being washed off your car contains phosphorus and harmful chemicals to Hayden Lake. Make sure you wash your car and your boat somewhere the water will drain into a water treatment plant.

3. Do not fertilize your lawn if you live within one hundred feet of Hayden Lake.

The science really says that there should be one hundred feet of vegetation to sift and clean run-off before it enters a body of water. If you fertilize your lawn, the nutrients in the fertilizer will not be used immediately. When it rains, the fertilizer washes away and can easily enter the lake.

4. Do not burn wood or make a fire on the beach.

Ashes from burnt wood are loaded with phosphorus. It has been estimated that a milk gallon sized jug of ashes can be responsible for a Blue-Green Algae bloom that can encompass an entire bay. Ashes are filled with phosphorus and are a potent contributor to degraded water quality.

5. Use laundry and dish-washing detergent that is phosphorus free and eco-friendly.

Some of the homes around Hayden Lake still have individual septic systems and these harmful chemicals can still enter the lake from these systems. Make sure your septic system is serviced and checked regularly.