Volunteer Ideas


There are many ways to reduce the impact on Hayden Lake. Here are some ideas for residents to help improve water quality in Hayden Lake:

1. Picking up trash around Hayden Lake

Trash along the road and on the ground will eventually make it’s way into the lake and our water supply. Trash contains harmful chemicals that have a negative effect for the environment, fish, animals, algae, and people who live by and visit our lake.

2. Host a neighborhood car wash

Host a neighborhood car wash in an area where the water and dirt will not drain into Hayden Lake. This way, cars will carry less debris and dirt that contain phosphorus and chemicals that can harm the lake. This could also be an opportunity for you to get to know your neighbors and educate them on the importance of water quality.

3. Have a neighborhood barbecue and discuss water quality issues

Talking to neighbors about water quality issues can spread information and education regarding water quality in Hayden Lake. Then, as a unified community in one of the bay’s in Hayden Lake, it will be easier to communicate and inform the Lake Managers of the specific issues in your bay and see what they can do to help.