Meet the Board

The Hayden Lake Watershed Improvement District Board is the governing body of the district.  It consists of three directors who have been elected to their positions and serve voluntarily, receiving no monetary payment for their work and effort. All directors own land within the district.  Moreover, they are qualified through training or experience that is relevant to their role and the mission of the WID.  The regular term of office of each director is four years. The Board will announce elections by posting at the Hayden Lake City Hall, in the newspaper, and through social media.

The board members make a conscious effort to make decisions that are representative of the whole Hayden Lake Watershed system, and each of it’s influencing parts. Hayden Lake has many bays, each with unique attributes, qualities, and water quality factors.  Consequently, members seek to make decisions that mutually benefit all parts of Hayden Lake’s Watershed.

Pat Lund, Board MemberPat Lund (Board Member)

Pat Lund has been a Hayden Lake resident for many years. He spent his childhood summers swimming and enjoying Hayden Lake. Pat is therefore pleased to give back to Hayden Lake through serving on the board. His time and volunteer efforts honor all of the loving memories Hayden Lake has given him over the years.

Dr. Geoffery Harvey (District Treasurer) 

Dr. Geoffery Harvey is also a long time Hayden Lake resident and loves canoeing, swimming, and jogging in Hayden Lake’s watershed. After retiring from his job at Idaho’s Department of Environmental Quality (Idaho DEQ), Geoff stays active volunteering and working to protect Hayden Lake’s water quality and enjoying a swim in the lake’s comforting water. He happily serves the Watershed Improvement District as District Treasurer and resident scientist.

Steve Meyer (Board Chairman) 

Steve Meyer is a long time Hayden Lake resident and altruist for Coeur d’ Alene, and it’s surrounding areas. He enjoys serving on the board of directors and volunteers his time and efforts to protect Hayden Lake’s water quality for everyone’s benefit. Steve also enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren, swimming, and having fun in Hayden Lake’s warm summer water.